Animal Bite Law

Animal Bite Law

Hurt by an Animal?

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Every year, millions of Americans are the victim of dog bites. While some bites are minor, many are serious, resulting in painful injuries and emotional scars for the victim. if you or a loved one have been attacked by a dog, the first step is to seek medical attention.  After getting medical attention, call me. While no amount of money can heal your loved ones physical or mental wounds, they may be entitled to compensation for:

  • The cost of medical treatment
  • Any income lost due to time off from work
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering


Get the Legal Help You Deserve

Call us to discuss your injuries, our team can:

  • Evaluate your case
  • Negotiate on your behalf with the animal’s owner or the owner’s insurance company
  • File and pursue a lawsuit on your behalf if negotiations don’t lead to a successful settlement
  • Offer you support during this traumatic time in your life

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