3 Steps to Take After Your Social Security Disability Denial

Denial is not the end.
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3 Steps to Take After Your Social Security Disability Denial

Around 70% of initial Social Security Disability (“SSD”) claims are denied, and around 85% of first-time reconsideration appeals are denied. If you have been denied, you are definitely not alone. It can be a disheartening process and many give up before receiving their benefits. 

There are certain steps you can take to help you receive your social security disability benefits, even after being denied. Remember, you can’t get if you don’t ask, and you certainly can’t get if you don’t appeal an unfavorable decision. 

Hire a good attorney

An attorney that handles SSD claims with success needs to be professional, courteous, and patient. It is a process that has multiple steps and requires attention to detail to achieve the goal of getting your benefits. A good attorney will not give you a guarantee because, obviously, nothing is guaranteed in life. However, hiring a good attorney can assure that you do not miss deadlines and that all of your information and records are submitted to Social Security when needed. We have done this before for many claimants, and it will be beneficial to have us by your side. Because of the internet, electronic filings, and web-based services, we can help you no matter where you live. We can set up a Zoom Video Conference so that we can talk to you face-to-face. It is quick and easy. 

Don’t give up 

I repeat…DO NOT GIVE UP! Being told “NO” by Social Security can be heart-breaking, and it is certainly natural to feel like you are all alone. But it is not the end, and you are not alone. Most applicants have to be patient because even if all of your “T’s” are crossed and your “I’s” are dotted, most applicants are denied twice and eventually have to have a hearing before a judge. A hearing before a judge is your best opportunity to be approved, and we spend a great deal of time preparing our cases for hearings. Get your appeal filed as soon as possible. Do not wait. You only have SIXTY (60) days to appeal an unfavorable SSD decision. We advise people not to wait to the last minute to appeal. 

Don’t do it alone 

We handle SSD cases on a “contingency” basis. That means that we get paid for results. WE get paid if YOU get paid. Call us today for a FREE consultation. (806) 350-HOPE (4673). 

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